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I am a single mother of 2 daughters. I am also disabled. After teaching elementary school for 12 years, I became disabled. A couple years later, I found myself going through a bitter divorce. After 9 months of seperation, the divorce was granted. It wasn't until 6 months after the divorce when my ex was finally forced to pay child support. At this time, we'd been apart for 14 months, I was already months behind on all bills. I was fortunate to keep the lights on. It has now been 3 years since the divorce. My child support is inconsistent. There have been months when I received only one week of support. Some months when I only received 2 of 4 weeks of support. Other court ordered payments have not been received as well. My disability and sparatic support are less than living expenses. I fell behind on vehicle payments. On more than one occasion my finance company allowed me to make a payment or two, and they would place the rest of the late payments to the end of the loan. 8 days ago, I didn't even realize I was currently 91 days past due on my vehicle loan, my vehicle was repossessed in the middle of the night. With children, living in a rural area with no public transportion, one must have a vehicle. My mother offered to co sign a lease for me. Even with her as a co signer, I was refused. I only have a day or 2 to reinstate my vehicle. This may be my only way of having transportation for myself and my daughters. I need approximately $2,200 for late payments and repo fees. I am filing contempt against my ex in order to have payments mandatory to improve my finances. I'm honest and keep faith always!!! I worked as a teacher which I consider public service. I earned a Bachelor's Degree hoping to accomplish so much more at this point in my life. PLEASE HELP!!! Respond if you have any questions! PLEASE HELP!! Thank you for reading!!!!

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Keep Faith
I continue to keep my faith strong! Today is April 30, 2012 and the 10 day period to reinstate my vehicle 3 days ago! If I were to come up with the money, I was told I could call to see if the vehicle has sold or not. Meanwhile, the auction where it is continues to add on daily storage fees. It looks like I will not be able to get the vehicle back. However, there is always the chance of a miracle. Realistically, I have to find another solution. Maybe a used vehicle? I will need a dependable used vehicle for my daughters and myself! Does anyone know of charities that donate cars to single moms or the disabled? We continue to struggle to mainain financial obligations daily. This includes groceries, power, and water. It humbles me from the bottom of my heart to be asking for help. These struggles certainly were not in my life's plan. I worked my way through 6 years of college to better myself, and worked in public service as an elementary school teacher for 12 years. Now, I find myself a single mother and disabled. Two things no one plans. I often wonder how I keep faith, thank God I do. If you can help, or know someone who can, please let me know:)
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